TECHNOPLAST-MALERDOS is a company specializing in designing and building technological lines for the production of large seamless polyethylene containers using the polymer rotation casting method.

produces polyethylene items for utility purposes and for use in the industry, agriculture, transport and construction using the most modern technology existing in the polymer industry at present. The containers, reservoirs and items are made of the high-quality polyethylene types.
Manufactured with the proccess of ROTATION MOLDING SYSTEM in a production line which utilires special nutshells of molding, where the reservoirs with biaxal rotation are transformed from LINEAR homogeneous and mainly primary Polyethylene enriched with sun protection filter U.V.

The most modern solution in the storage of any kind of liquids, drinkable water, foods, wine, olive grove, chemicals (acids, alkalis), oil etc. It can now be achieved with strict quallity specifications, most excellent service, unlimited duration of life and high quallity materials.

The completed programme of production of TECHNOPLAST-MALERDOS reservoirs offers wide variety of models, with the possibility of application on many solutions and exploitation of space availability.

The absolutely modern and practical reservoirs are characterized by their lowl weight, ideal dimensions, the improved design which incorporates handles for the ease of transport, the direct exposure to solar rays (black colour). The Polyethylene as a compact chain of ethylene molecules, is characterized by big resistance and is absolutely neutral compered with other materials.